The Three Crowns (Albemarle Station)

Albemarle is owned by Shaun and Tanya who live there with their four  young children.

The three Crowns are a group of very large rocks on top of a Hill covered with tussac  grass

An extremely full day's tour to see the Three Crowns where the Southern most herd of Reindeer can often be seen. This is a large area-  with a lot of high tussac grass, so think safari!

A huge land mass, with a lot of interesting places, but too much for one day.

Apart from the reindeer the area boasts  interesting historical sites such as the old sealing station, Cape Meredith lighthouse , Kit's cave and the Cape Meredith shanty . Wildlife includes  sea lions also large male Elephant Seals, Gentoo Penguins.

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